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Council Regulation on the establishment of European partnerships in the framework of the SAP
Council Regulation (EC) No 269/2006 of 14 February 2006 amending Regulation (EC) No 533/2004 on the establishment of European partnerships in the framework of the stabilisation and association process....
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Croatia 2005 Progress Report
Following the conclusions of the Luxembourg European Council in December 1997, the Commission has reported regularly to the Council and the Parliament on progress made by the candidate states in preparing for EU membership. This Progress Report is the...
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CARDS Programmes
*Croatia Annual Programme 2004 *Croatia Annual Programme 2003 *Croatia Annual Programme 2002 *Croatia Initial Support programme 2001 *Croatia Support programme 2001...
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European Commission Opinion on the application of Croatia for membership of the European union
* The European Commission Opinion describes the relations up to now between Croatia and the Union; * analyses the situation in respect of the political conditions mentioned by the European Council (democracy, rule of law, human rights, protection...
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European Partnership
*European Partnership *Strategy Paper 2002-2006 *Stabilisation and Association Report 2003 *Stabilisation and Association Report 2002 *Stabilisation and Association Agreement between the EU and Croatia...
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National programme for the integration of the Republic of Croatia into the European Union - 2005
INTRODUCTION 2004 was marked by three dates which signify a new page in Croatian history. On 20 April 2004, the European Commission gave a positive Opinion on the application of Croatia for membership in the European Union, and following the European C...
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